This is the portfolio
of Miro Leon Bucher

"Lee Subin, Born 1998"

exhibition design
"Lee Subin, Born 1998" exhibition design
This exhibition takes the popular novel “Kim Jiyoung, Born 1982” (“82년생 김지영”) as a starting point from which to provide a new account of the everyday life of almost one generation later, which is born around the year 1998 and is now in their early to mid-20s. As the author Cho Nam-joo (조남주) strikingly showed, we can learn a lot from reflecting on our daily experiences in a society that is often hostile to the women who live in it.

Thus, this exhibition – in the spirit of the novel – gathers different accounts of young artists reflecting on their everyday lives. The artworks show a variety of approaches to contemplating gender in contemporary Korean society, spanning from exploring the body to imagining fictional worlds.

The original novel depicts the ordinary life of Kim Jiyoung (김지영), a woman in her 30s, describing daily and omnipresent forms of gender discrimination in contemporary Korean society. And while many were able to relate to the story of the best-selling novel, it is also limited by portraying one life in one specific time and space. The exhibition "Lee Subin, Born 1998" (“98년생 이수빈”) aims to fill this gap by adding a variety of new accounts to the debate, stressing different aspects of the issue.

Since “Lee Subin, Born 1998” (“98년생 이수빈”) is conceived as a group exhibition, the artworks are more than just themselves; but also create the identity of Lee Subin (이수빈) through the collective consciousness of the participating artists. It shows a character not only as a common experience but also the contradictions within us.

"Lee Subin, Born 1998"

3d web poster design
web-based poster made with Cinema 4D and Three.js
The web-based poster for the "Lee Subin, Born 1998" exhibition symbolises the omnipresence of the character Lee Subin and their critical gaze. Since the feminist exhibition aims to create a composite character from individual artworks, the minimally 3D-modelled face leaves an empty canvas, which the visitors may fill with their interpretations of the exhibition and with which they may ultimately identify.

As a live-rendered website, the gaze of the face follows the user's cursor position, highlighting the critical view of the character on its often discriminatory social environment.

The aspect of identification is further exemplified by the available AR Instagram face filter with which anyone may 'put on the mask' of Lee Subin.

You can access the web-poster via this link.

"Lee Subin, Born 1998"

exhibition sound design
"Lee Subin, Born 1998" exhibition sound design excerpt on Soundcloud
Besides being the initiator and curator of the "Lee Subin, Born 1998" exhibition, Miro Leon Bucher also functioned as a participating artist in the show. However, the artistic engagement was purposefully conceived as a passive involvement. As a non-Korean biological male, the mutual agreement sought participation that was not mentioned in the catalogue and that only served a supportive function for the central art pieces by the young female artists.

Thus, the piece is an automated musical performance. The soundscape features acoustic field recordings of birds singing to bring a calming mood and a lively feeling to the otherwise sparse gallery space. The primary instrument, a grainy synthesiser pad, serves as a sound carpet for the space, which allows contemplation by the visitors.

Through the sound design, the space gains a life of its own, becoming more than a sterile display of artworks but rather a space of engagement.

"Lee Subin, Born 1998"

Instagram AR filter
AR filter for Instagram made with Spark AR and Cinema 4D
The AR Instagram face filter for the "Lee Subin, Born 1998" exhibition serves both as promotional material and direct engagement of the audience with the exhibition. By means of the filter, anyone is invited to 'put on the mask' of Lee Subin. Through this, as much as through the structure of the exhibition, the holistic experience is creating a realm of solidarity with and within the group of young women in South Korea.

You can access the AR filter via this link.

Daily Projects

daily 3d web projects in three.js
since 2022
"034 - behind blurry windows" web-based rendering made with Three.js
These, more than 50 web-based live renderings, are the result of a daily practice in 3D modelling and the Three.js Javascript library. In them, the artist uses multi-layered post-processing to create glowing, almost foggy visuals. They reference and expand a retro-futurist visual language that, itself, is based on the compressed look of VHS cassettes. The artworks span a broad thematic range but mostly centre around reflections on the human condition in an often introspective way.

Given that they are all based on open-source libraries and creative commons assets, the artist is also making a comment on the accessibility of art. The renderings ought to be freely available and can principally be live rendered in any person's browser on their devices. This way, the artworks make an earnest attempt to contribute to the community that makes them possible through their contributions to public 3D model collections and open-source libraries.

All projects can be viewed with accompanying soundtracks on the artist's Instagram via @miroxleon.
"051 - sad walk" made in Three.js, Cinema 4D, and Mixamo
"050 - filling an empty vessel" made in Three.js and Daz3D
"043 - too early or too late" made in Three.js, Cinema 4D, and Daz3D
"037 - a gate of light" made in Three.js, Mixamo, and Daz3D

Deterioration of Self

3d rendered animation with music
"Deterioration of Self" series made with Cinema 4D and Redshift on OBJKT
“Deterioration of Self” is an exploration of the complex beauty and pain of a suffering mind.

The series of six digital art pieces depict marble spheres that break down and uncover their broken inner in an endless loop. The marble stands for an odd and inherent beauty that even remains in the process of deterioration. The inner parts of the spheres uncover different states of destruction, some depicting more fluid and soft structures, while others have a sharp and cutting quality to them. Part of the continuous loops are musical compositions, individually written for each piece, underlining the inherent beauty and sadness of the representations of the mind.

The video loops are accompanied by short reflections by the artist on the emic perception of the process of deterioration through states of depression, revealing an inner dialogue of questioning existence and seeking meaning.

Read more here.
still from "Deterioration of Self [06]"
still from "Deterioration of Self [01]"
still from "Deterioration of Self [03]"
still from "Deterioration of Self [05]"

Generative Art

web-based generative line art in p5.js
since 2022
"Lemon", interactive web-based live-rendering made with P5.JS
These generative and interactive web-based artpieces are made with the P5.JS Javascript library. They use a complex net of overlapping and interlocking lines and curves to create abstract shapes. Part of the creative process is the aim for abstraction, yet the final results all, to varying degrees, may be read as figurations.

They can be accessed via the artist’s Generative Art Gallery.
"Chameleon", interactive web-based live-rendering made with P5.JS
"Spaceship", interactive web-based live-rendering made with P5.JS

Das Podcast UFO

3d web animation with sound
web-based live-renderin made with Cinema 4D and Three.js
This web-based intro sequence for the 'Das Podcast UFO' podcast features the combination of 3D models, animation, and composition, all created and assembled by the artist. Based on the concept of the podcast, the live-rendered video shows the name-giving UFO flying through space while the self-composed intro song is playing.

The song features a mix of heavily affected and distorted strings as well as synth sounds, referencing common sounds of VHS tapes and films from the second half of the 20th century. The project can be accessed as a live-rendered website via

What would I say?

Instagram AR filter
AR Instagram filter made with Spark AR
In an effort to explore the artistic potentials of Augmented Reality Filters on Instagram as a form of public art, the artist choose to blend analogue and digital methods to create this engaging and thought-provoking piece.

It features hand-written text, using an oil stick to capture the analogue medium’s textural qualities, which is overlaid on the user’s face. The text reads, “What would I say if I could write on people’s faces”, reflecting on the potentials and dangers of AR in our contemporary times. It challenges the power of the creator of such filters and how one ought to use the power to be able to write on millions of people’s faces in an instant through platforms such as Instagram, making use of AR technologies.

The filter can be found and used via this link.

Ink and Oil Paintings

ink and oil on paper
since 2022
"Crane", oil and ink on paper
The small-format ink and oil paintings were made during a period of residence in Seoul, South Korea. Often blending the flat qualities of calligraphic ink with the more texturally haptic qualities of a thickly applied oil paint stick, they communicate a sort of tension that is also reflected in the paintings’ themes.

In terms of their contents, the artist reflects on daily life and its inner conflicts in a metropole like Seoul. While "Drawing Meeting No.1" depicts the sociality of a meeting of befriended artists, "Drawing Meeting No.2" shows the architectural backdrop of the meeting, namely the monumental weather-worn pillar of a bridge under which the meeting was held.

Focusing more on the escapist qualities that the city offers, "Crane" shows the study of the title-giving animal made at Changdeokgung Palace. In opposition to the otherwise rigid structures of the city, the palace, with its garden and animals, serves as a contrast reflected in the fluid shape of the crane. However, as part of the city, the drawing maintains a texturality binding it together with its environment beyond the palace garden.
"Drawing Meeting No.1", oil and ink on paper
"Drawing Meeting No.2", oil and ink on paper

aesthetic documentations vol. i

analogue photography book
aesthetic documentations vol. i
This is volume one of Decent Supply’s “aesthetic documentations”, featuring photographs by Miro Leon Bucher. The series aims for providing a space of curated art pieces documenting daily life around the world. This volume features 50 black and white photos shot in the People’s Republic of China, the Republic of Korea, and Japan.

Starting the preparation for shooting for this project, I decided to bring my beaten up Minolta AF-S Talkman, that I’ve bought for 30.000 Korean Won in a small second-hand shop in Seoul, to my travels to document daily life. All photos are shot on Ilford HP5 Plus, mostly pushed by 1 stop. The final selection features images taken in Japan [Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Nara], the People’s Republic of China [Shanghai, Beijing], and the Republic of Korea [Seoul, Daegu].

The book features 50 black and white images, shot on Ilford HP5 Plus 35mm film, printed on 170 gsm natural/uncoated paper, and comes in the size of 21 cm by 29,7 cm, is approximately 7mm thick, and weighs about 350 grams. All images have been developed and scanned by FotoMaru (포토마루) in Seoul, South Korea. Printing has been handled by a renowned British printing house.
aesthetic documentations vol. i with hand screen-printed tote bag
aesthetic documentations vol. i, open double-page
aesthetic documentations vol. i, double-pages

Video Montages

director of photography and editing
"SHIBUYA AT NIGHT", single-channel video, 2017
In his earliest works, Miro Leon Bucher primarily resorted to videographic documentation for their art. The montages are aiming for presenting unaltered life in visually and aesthetically pleasing ways, combining them with fitting soundtracks.

All of the videos can be seen as depictions of the artist's daily life during a period of travel from 2016 to 2017, including Hong Kong, Seoul, and Tokyo.

The videos are available on the artist’s YouTube channel.
"Living in a Goshiwon", single-channel video, 2017
"Going to Nan Lian Garden", single-channel video, 2017
"Going to Big Buddha", single-channel video, 2017


ambient music EP
artwork by Miro Leon Bucher for "Acratic" EP
"Acratic" is the first major musical release by "Miro Leon". The short EP builds on an established practice in the form of musical diary entries, released on SoundCloud with more than 300.000 plays. While in their prior work, the artist focused primarily on beat making, the EP expands this musical language, by including more spherical and ambient sounds.

With the beats stepping back in the musical mix, the heavily reverberated guitars become the main characteristic of the EP's sound. Their quality is rather calming and can roughly be seen in the tradition of beat-making, ambient music, and environmental music.

The title stems from the artist's studies in philosophy and refers to the Aristotelian concept of acrasia. In the reading of Aristotle, acrasia is the act of doing something bad conscious of it being bad. As result of the artist's continuous self-criticism, they deemed the music unworthy of being released on all major streaming platforms. Yet, in the end, their desire for public artistic expression overturned this prior attitude, making the release itself acratic in character.

You can find the EP on Bandcamp, Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud, and many more.
music video by Miro Leon Bucher for "Acratic" EP

Overwhelming Doubt

ambient music EP
artwork by Yan Chum for "Overwhelming Doubt" EP
Overwhelming Doubt” is the third EP by Miro Leon, featuring cover art by Hong Kong-based artist Yan Chum.

Words by the artist:
“This project is a very special one to me since it has a transitional character in my music-making. When I worked on my last main project, “Acratic,” I was mostly limited to a guitar and an audio interface. While that very much made the sound of the EP, I wanted to see what other tools I could use for this project. In what followed, I ended up manipulating tape, adopting orchestral sounds, and digging deeper into the world of synthesizers. The result is an odd mix of different songs with different approaches in style and structure. With this project, I re-embraced the process of looking for my own sound, and I believe that this is going to be a mindset I will embrace in the future as well.”

You can find the EP on Bandcamp, Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud, and many more.
full "Overwhelming Doubt" EP on Soundcloud

Collaborations with Happy Tobi

lofi beats
since 2020
latest Happy Tobi x Miro Leon collaboration on Soundcloud
After having released numerous solo projects, Miro Leon Bucher started to collaborate with successful musician and label founder "Happy Tobi" in 2020. Together, they took on the genre of lo-fi beats, which belongs to Happy Tobi's main musical métier and ties in with Miro Leon's earlier works on Soundcloud.

With more than 2.000.000 plays and being featured by Apple Music, these tracks have been enjoyed on an international scale.

Musically, most of the instruments were recorded by Miro Leon, while Happy Tobi used his creative freedom to transform these elements into beautifully dense beats that often possess nostalgic qualities.

You can find "local town" on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud, and many more.
Happy Tobi x Miro Leon collaboration on Soundcloud

YaBu Studio

studio for visualisation and 3d art
since 2020
rendering in Cinema 4D with Redshift Renderer
YaBu was founded by Hui-Qin Yang and Miro Leon Bucher as a studio for architectural visualisation and 3D art. With Yang’s background in architecture and Bucher’s artistic background, their collaborative work often creates aesthetic and dream-like no-places. Situating their work between the factual and impossible allows them to explore new ways to express their overlapping interests in intriguing ways.

You can follow YaBu Studio on Instagram, Behance, Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook.
"Midsummer Breeze", 3D rendering, 2021
"Midsummer Breeze", 3D rendering, 2021
"Capsule Room", 3D rendering, 2021
"In fog and flowers", 3D rendering, 2021

The Korean Context

website for science communication in korean studies
since 2021
screenshot of the The Korean Context website
With the success of Korean movies, series, and music – just to name a few – Korean culture has reached an all-time high in international reception. However, with this form of international consumption, all sorts of cultural phenomena get taken out of their originating context. The Korean Context aims to fill these gaps and provide a more sound understanding of contemporary Korean society.

The Korean Context was started by Miro Leon Bucher, a graduate student of Social- and Cultural Anthropology and Philosophy at the University of Cologne, Germany. It provides a space for fellow students and researchers in Korean Studies and neighbouring disciplines to share their scientific insights with a general audience.

Decent Supply

international artist collective and online gallery
since 2019
screenshot of the Decent Supply website
Decent Supply is an artist collective, as well as a music label and online shop for independent artists of all forms, founded by Miro Leon Bucher in 2019. We are trying to promote upcoming artists wherever possible and want to contribute positively to the art world by the means accessible to us.

Decent Supply already published four musical EPs by three different artists and an art book, as well as holding a contemporary art exhibition in Seoul, South Korea.

Further such projects, maintaining the focus on the agency of artists, are in the plans.