Deterioration of Self – Miro Leon Bucher

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“Deterioration of Self” is an exploration of the complex beauty and pain of a suffering mind.

The series of six digital art pieces depicts marble spheres that break down and uncover their broken inner in an endless loop. The marble stands for an odd and inherent beauty that even remains in the process of deterioration. The inner parts of the spheres uncover different states of destruction, some depicting more fluid and soft structures, while others have a sharp and cutting quality to them. Part of the continuous loops are musical compositions, individually written for each piece, underlining the inherent beauty and sadness of the representations of the mind.

The video loops are accompanied by short reflections by the artist on the emic perception of the process of deterioration through states of depression, revealing an inner-dialogue of questioning existence and seeking meaning.

The series allows for two different arrangements and thus two different readings of the journey through which the artist takes the observer. The original and optimistic arrangement starts with a rather fluid inner-shape accompanied by a reflection about sensing a void whose absence of meaning is contrasted with the self’s burden to find what is right within this nothingness. The optimistic journey ends with a marble sphere, revealing a bunch of blooming poppies, seeking hope from the insignificance of existence. Yet, and as much as the individual loops themselves, the optimistic end can also be seen as a pessimistic start, which starts the cascade of ensuing questions raised in the reflections.

The symbolism of the poppy itself can suggest both readings. In the optimistic reading, the bright and beautiful red and pink blossoms may show relief from the otherwise cold marble inner-pieces. Yet, the potential intoxicating effects from the poppy seeds may also suggest the start of deterioration.

Created through phases of depression, the “Deterioration of Self” is an honest expression of hopelessness, anxiety, the search for meaning and the artistic construction thereof. Through the artistic process of depicting the self in this vulnerable way, the series aims to let a sadness arise with the observer while making them appreciate an aesthetic quality that is inherent in the deterioration.

All pieces have been digitally modelled in 3D and arranged to form endless loops together with the original musical compositions. The music was written and played by the artist on a virtual grand piano.

This series is minted as NFTs via on the Tezos blockchain. For the artist’s statement on the decision to publish NFTs, please refer to this article.

Original digital artwork by Miro Leon Bucher
Sound- and 3D work by Miro Leon Bucher
Dimensions: 1080 x 1920 pixels
Length: 6x á 25 seconds
Format: mp4
Published: 17 February 2022
Minted:, Tezos blockchain, 17 February 2022