This is
Miro Leon Bucher

About Me

When you make your way through my website, you might start to wonder how it can be that I do such a large and strange variety of things that might at first not seem related. The story began in 7th or 8th grade or so when I had to hold a presentation on Leonardo Davinci in history class. At first, I wasn't very interested in Da Vinci's art but in his inventions. Today, I would certainly be more critical towards inventing war machines. Still, at that time, I was simply fascinated with the breadth of research and invention he dedicated his life to. This is when I first became wary of the idea of the 'universal genius', which, from there on out, would be my guiding principle in life – something I was always cognisant would be practically impossible to reach but ought to be what I should strive for.

In the following years, I tried to expand my intellectual, cultural, and creative abilities wherever possible. During my years in school, this included teaching myself photography and videography, going to the People's Republic of China for an exchange program and starting to learn the Korean language.

Following my school education, I travelled through Hong Kong, Seoul, and Tokyo, to learn and practice videography.

Later, I went to the University of Cologne to expand my intellectual abilities by studying Philosophy and Social and Cultural Anthropology in a two-subject bachelor's programme. Besides the regular programme, I also used the time to publish more music and study the Korean language at the university. This allowed me to return to Seoul on a generous scholarship from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) to study at Ewha Womans University to improve my language proficiency and to study gender issues on the peninsula. There I also conducted a self-organised research project for my bachelor's thesis.

After finishing the two-subject Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Social and Cultural Anthropology with a grade of 1.5 ('very good' according to the German grading system), I started a two-subject master's programme with the same subject combination. Then, going back to Ewha Womans University for an academic year abroad on another scholarship by the DAAD, I conducted a consecutive research project about contemporary arts and its connection to gender issues from a feminist vantage point. For this, I curated and organised an art exhibition with young Korean artists reflecting on the discrimination against women in Korean society.

Currently finishing the thesis, standing at a perfect grade average of 1.0, I also work on various other art projects. My plan after the Master of Arts is to do a practice- and theory-based PhD in Fine Arts to facilitate and combine the creative part of my life's work with my research qualities — just as I would imagine Leonardo DaVinci would if he were alive.